ESXi Host profile does not apply on Host

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You attached the host profile to new one and when you deply it, faced with below error:

(For Example) 



Attempts to remediate a host profile fail with these device alias exceptions:

  • The vmnic device at PCI bus address m00008504 is not present on your host. Your host model may be different from the reference host.
  • The vmhba device at PCI bus address s00000004:00.40 is not present on your host. You must shut down and then insert a card into PCI slot 4. The type of card should exactly match the one in the reference host.
  • Your host is missing 2 vmnic PCI devices required by the profile. Your host model may be different from the reference host.

The exception occurs because the host hardware is incompatible with the host profile. 



 Use device alias profile only with homogeneous hosts (that is, hosts that have the same model number and are configured identically) to configure homogeneous hardware. If you want to apply the host profiles to non-homogeneous hosts, disable the device alias profile. 


To disable the Device Alias Configuration: 

  1. Log in to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Client.  

  2. Under the Home view, click Host Profiles under Management. 
    Note: It is recommended to clone the Host Profile and make changes to the clone. 

  3. In the Host Profiles view, right-click the host profile and select the second option, Enable/Disable Profile Configuration

  4. Deselect the Device Alias Configuration profile. 

  5. Click OK

  6. In Profile compliance, click Check compliance

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